Liebesgedichte – You everywhere You are

Liebesgedichte – You everywhere You are

I can hear You in the singing sun
You are the sparkling voice of light
and when the all-dreamt-morning has begun
I hear You in the clearing air
a melody – I listen to Your beauty that is like a star so bright

I can feel You in the dancing rain
You are the sparkling waterdrops that hit my dried-out skin
and after million’s heaven’s tears of You I can forget my pain
and while the rain is dreaming still
I dance with You, open the door and dance me in Your heart deep-in

And suddenly You are a rainbow, you are the colors now of life
You are the stars, You are the sun that water send their floating light
neither to sun nor moon You are the wife
let our love now grow and grow
and at the rainbow’s end we find a pot, open it right
so that not gold but love is kept in it
and stays forever on our side

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